4 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Piercing

If you have finally made up your mind to go get that piercing you have been dreaming of, the belly bar, labret, or the super ‘hot right now’ cartilage piercings, now is definitely the time to do it. But before heading to the piercer, just stop for a moment and think. Do you know everything you should know about getting your favourite piercing? Have you read enough on it? After all, getting a body piercing is no big deal but there is nothing worse than a body piercing gone wrong.


So before marching in to the piercing parlor, make sure you’re familiar with all there is to know about getting pierced. In fact, this would be quite helpful to your piercer as well.

Here are the things that you should know before getting a piercing

Do not get pierced with a piercing gun

Some piercing parlors use piercing guns rather than needles. What you should know is that a piercing gun uses the stud to create the piercing. Instead of completely removing the flesh as in the case when a needle is used, the stud simply displaces the flesh since it is not as sharp as a needle. This increases the chances of scar tissue formation on the piercing and it becomes impossible to avoid damage.


In addition, needle piercings heal faster as compared to piercings made with a piercing gun. I certainly want to heal as quickly as possible.


Take infections seriously

After a piercing, if you happen to notice gunk or pus plugging up your piercing, it means that you are not tending to the piercing as required. The aftercare instructions given by your piercer need to be followed very carefully. After all, why would you go through the pain of getting pierced and the initial discomfort of swelling, just to lose the piercing?


Avoid changing the piercing jewellery too soon

You may be excited to try new jewellery on your piercing, but it is always best to wait until the piercing has completely healed to try out new jewellery. I know, bummer!  But, trying to insert new jewellery into a recent piercing can cause intense pain if the wound has not properly healed. In addition, if the new jewellery does not fit, you might have a hard time trying to put back the original jewellery.

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Do not leave the hole open

Leaving your new piercing free of jewellery is a complete no-no. Since it is a fresh wound, the piercing is likely to close up quite quickly and you want to stay away from that. When cleaning, clean around the jewellery instead of taking it out. Refrain from leaving your piercing free of jewellery for more than fifteen to twenty minutes. Again, you don’t want to lose your awesome new piercing.


So take care of yourself, take care of your jewellery and enjoy life!

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