Horn Wing Hanger 6G 4G 2G 0G 00G

My Body Piercing Jewellery

MBPJ offers a select range of ON TREND and CLASSIC FAVOURITE Tapers And Stretchers from 16G up to 1/2" in a wide range of styles to suit any personality. The Horn Wing Taper 6G 4G 2G 0G 00G from My Body Piercing Jewellery will make an amazing addition to your ear gauge piercing jewellery collection.

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  • Stunning hand carved wing taper with amazing detail.
  • Gorgeous buffalo horn jewellery.
  • Each piece differs slightly due to natural variations in the material.
  • Lengths provided are approximate and may vary slightly.
  • 6G - 55mm 4G - 60mm 2G - 60mm 0G - 67mm 00G - 73mm
  • Price increases with size.
  • Sold individually.

  • Estimated delivery within Australia is 2-7 business days.