Jewellery Care

So you got some smashing statement pieces for your body piercing.

Now what?

Our experience in this business has taught us two things:

  • Even high-quality jewellery gets damaged due to neglect
  • Body piercing is a delicate business so you need to be careful

This is why we advise our customers to take proper care of their jewellery. This is to ensure its longevity and keep your body free from unwarranted problems.

Are you on board with that?
So let’s begin!

Here are some smart tips to help you take care of your purchases:

Clean & Clear

The first rule of body piercing is to get your stuff sterilized.

  • Salty water.:Probably the best way to clean your piercing and your jewellery.
  • Alcohol:You can sterilize it with alcohol swabs. But we should warn you that alcohol damages things made from acrylic or organic materials so it is best to only use these on metal parts.
  • Anti-Bacteria:We recommend that you clean the jewellery with pure antibacterial soap or solution. Their active ingredients will get those germs off your precious piercing possessions.
  • Anti-Scented Stuff:Scented soaps and perfumes should not touch your jewellery. They tend to ruin the shiny surfaces of your pieces.
  • Boiling water: Pieces without jewels, acrylic or mechanical parts can be boiled for a few minutes to sterilize.
  • Basic Cleaning 101:  Is something stuck inside your piercing and you’ve no idea what it is? That means you haven’t been cleaning it enough. Regularly clean it with a dry wipe or antibacterial solution.

Boy that sounds like a lot of work!
But it truly gets you off the hook from running your favorite piercing jewellery.

Gentle Caress

Body piercing is all about carefully handling your prized possessions.

Cover Up: Keep your jewellery wrapped in linen cloth when not in use. And keep each piece separately so they don’t get stuck together.

  • Threaded Terrors:Towels are their enemies! There is a high chance your piercing might get tangled in its threads. So avoid using towels when you have them on.
  • Sleep Tight:Don’t sleep with piercings that dangle or have bells in them. That is because a night of tossing and turning might break those delicate pieces.
  • Natures Nurture:Use mineral oil or jojoba oil to rub on your jewellery. This prevents the material from splitting and cracking due to regular exposure to the elements.

The basic idea is to handle it with care!


Last but most importantly, we’d like to remind you that:

The jewellery we sell is NOT STERILIZED, so you need to sterilize it before you start piercing your body.

Take care of your jewellery pieces and don’t forget to flaunt them!

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