Titanium IP Industrial 14G 38mm

My Body Piercing Jewellery

Industrial or Scaffold. However you want to say it, it is a great looking piercing that deserves an amazing bar? MBPJ offers a selected range of ON TREND and CLASSIC FAVOURITE Industrial Bars. The Titanium IP Industrial 14G 38mm from My Body Piercing Jewellery will make an amazing addition to your ear piercing jewellery collection.

So check out the product details below and hit Buy Now to secure your piece before they sell out.


  • Stunning colours and comfortable classic style.
  • Titanium IP over implant grade surgical steel Industrial bar 5mm ball ends.
  • Gorgeous colours and easy to wear everyday.
  • Piece is 14G with a 38mm bar.
  • Sold individually.

  • Estimated delivery within Australia is 2-7 business days.