About Us

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My Body Piercing Jewellery has been operating from a little corner in The Lockyer Valley Qld, Australia. We sell stunning and unique body piercing jewellery to every part of Australia.

We believe in accepting you at your quirkiest and craziest. With no judgement whatsoever!

You see in the past few years body piercing may have become mainstream. But we acknowledge that the true body piercers are the ones who wish to stand out from the cookie-cutter crowd.

We want you to express yourself with no fear or restrictions.

Our Motto

Cherish forever what makes you unique,  ‘cuz you’re really a yawn if it goes.”

- Bette Midler

Are you ready to unleash your inner wild spirit?

What’s in Store?

Do you know what the best part about body piercing is?

It has to be the fact that nowadays you can get almost every inch of your skin pierced. Be it the basic belly piercing, ears, eyebrows, and nose. Or even extreme sensitive spots like the nipples, tongue, lips, and genitals.

Style & Selection

We may not offer body piercing services. Yet, we have gotten hold of high-quality materials and assorted styles that can appease your temperaments.  This allows us to cater to all kinds of customers that enter our online premises.

So you can dazzle and shine with the classic cuts in our radiant rose gold collection. Or choose to flaunt your pride with our rainbow themed out and about pride collection.

What’s more? We even have an adorable set of belly bars for the moms-to-be. We bet that you won’t be able to switch your bland belly bar with the baby bars we have gotten hold of just for you.

Interested? All we want to know is what you want and we will be ready to deliver.

Before you start buying...

Read our terms and conditions and other general information that we provide to make your purchase as convenient as possible. This is to make sure that there is no misunderstanding on our side. After all, it is better to make things crystal clear to prevent getting tangled up in messy messages.

We can get you all decked up from head to toe
with chains, rings and more.
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