Jewellery Care

Jewellery is sent out NOT STERILE and will need to be sterilized before use.

An antibacterial solution or pure antibacterial soap should be used on all body jewellery prior to use.  Do not use soaps or solutions that contain perfumes or moisturizers.  Although alcohol wipes will not harm quality surgical steel or titanium parts, they can damage other materials such as acrylic and organic items.  Items that do not have any mechanical or vibrating parts, jewels, acrylic or organic parts can be boiled to sterilize. 

Clean all jewellery items regularly to help them keep their luster and shine.  It is also recommended to use a mineral oil or jojoba oil on organic items regularly to avoid them splitting or cracking.

Jewellery with dangles or features should not be used when swimming, showering etc where they can come in contact with purfumes, soaps etc, that can cause damage.