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Buy 5, Get the 6th FREE. Storewide Sale
Buy 5, Get the 6th FREE. Storewide Sale

Ear Placements

Ear piercings are arguably the most popular piercings with new trends and styles appearing regularly. 

MBPJ offers jewellery for any style of ear piercing you could want. 

From standard and incredibly popular lobe piercings to more standout piercings such as vertical industrial and transverse lobe. 

The most trending ear piercing right now are Daith and Rook Piercings, followed closely by conch and upper conch. Continuous rings, captives and horseshoes are perfect choices for daith piercings. Curve bars are the style of choice for rooks.

Always poplular helix, forward helix and tragus placements are still going strong. Choose from stunning rings, cartilage bars and flat back labret bars.

Industrials are making a strong comeback as gorgeous new styles appear. 

Stretched lobes? We certainly have you covered. MBPJ offers you a range of plugs, tunnels and tapers in amazing styles.

So whatever style you are after for whatever piercing you are sporting, we have the right jewellery for you. 

Check out our range today.

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