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Home Piercing Name Lip Placements
Home Piercing Name Lip Placements

Lip piercings are a sexy addition to your piercings.

Three of the hottest piercings trending at the moment are vertical and horizontal labrets and jestrum. There is a gorgeous range of curved bars perfect for these piercings. 

Labret, madonna, medusa and monroe piercings are still incredibly popular for good reason. They look amazing and there is a massive amount of flat back jewellery available in stunning designs for these piercings. 

Lets not forget all the 'bites' available as well. Labret bars and rings are perfect for these. Some of these piercings are Angel, Cyber, Canine, Dolphin, Spider, Shark and Snake Bites.

Probably the most 'adorable' piercings are cheek and dahlias. Cute. 

Check out our range of flat back labret bars and rings for all your lip piercings.

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