Nipple Placements

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Home Piercing Name Nipple Placements
Home Piercing Name Nipple Placements

MBPJ offers a stunning range of sexy nipple jewellery whatever your style. 

Do you have a single nipple piercing or have you gone all out and gotten them both pierced. Did you opt for the sexy horizontal nipple placement or decide to go a little different with a vertical piercing. Maybe a little bar through a third nipple. ;)

Whatever your placement and whatever your style - bars, rings shields, dangles - we have the perfect jewellery for you. 

How about a super sexy nipple chain.

We got you! 

Check them out and get your sexy on!

1) Jewellery Style
2) Material
3) Gauge
4) Length
5) Closure Style
6) Colour
8) Piercing Name
9) Belly Bar Style