Gem Paved Leaf Cartilage Bar 16G

Cartilage Bars

Unless specified, items are sold individually (as single pieces)


  • A spectacular cartilage bar in stunning colours.
  • 16G, 6mm long bar.
  • Paved with sparkling clear CZ gems.
  • Rhodium and 14kt gold plating over surgical steel.
  • Externally Threaded back ball. Front is fixed to bar.
  • Leaf is 15mm long and 8mm wide.
  • Leaf sits a few mm off the bar and is 3mm thick and bends outward slightly at the top. (as shown in the 5th photo)
  • Leaf only curves the one direction as shown in the images. Leaf will point upwards on the right ear and point downwards on the left ear. 
  • Sold Individually