Tamarind Wood Stretched Labret Bar

Labret Bars

Unless specified, items are sold individually (as single pieces)

  • Material : Tamarind Wood
  • Gauge : 2mm to 12mm 
  • Bar Length : All gauges have 8-9mm bar length (just the bar, not the base), except 12G with has 2 lengths available. 
  • Base Width : 2mm piece has a 5mm base width.  3mm piece has a 6.5mm base width.  4mm piece has an 8mm base width.  5mm piece has an 8.5mm base width.  6mm piece has a 10mm base width.  8mm piece has a 13mm base width.  10mm piece has a 15mm base width.  12mm piece has an 19mm base width.
  • Base Thickness : The base on all gauges is about 2mm thick.

Sold individually